Our clients are:

  • Family-owned companies facing for example a “generation shift” in the ownership, such as retirement.
  • Family-owned companies considering a sale to an industrial partner, to a temporary or a new management (MBO/MBI), or to a private equity firm with the target of strengthening the strategic and financial position of the company.
  • A corporate group looking to sell off a non-core company or division.
  • Private Equity firms seeking an exit for their portfolio company.

The sales process is divided into a number of phases and often stretches out over a long time-period. By contacting ProMan in the early stages of the process our clients optimize commercial, legal and financial options. Through IMAP we can conduct extensive analysis of potential international buyers, allowing our clients to be well positioned even before the start of the sales process.

Typically, the sales process takes 6-10 months and varies somewhat depending on the industry. Generally, the sales process can be divided into the following steps:

The Preparation and Analysis phase

We conduct rigorous independent research and analysis of our client’s business and industry in order to offer the most effective advice throughout the entire sales process. Consequently, we put tremendous effort into background work before starting any discussions with potential buyers and their advisors.

The Contact and Negotiations phase

We take overall responsibility for contacting potential buyers, which allows more effective control of the entire process―from time scheduling and buyer contact to preparations, meetings and feedback―all the while ensuring progress with potential buyers. Throughout the sale, we manage the transaction process so that our client can focus on what they do best - managing the company and delivering profit.