Wise Group

Company Information: 

Founded in December 2010, Wise Group is a Finnish civil engineering multitasker, whose origins are in the engineering office Ylimäki & Tinkanen Ltd. The key personnel of Helmet Capital and Ylimäki & Tinkanen identified consolidation and growth potential in the field and decided to start collaboration in order to expand the Company via acquisitions as well as organically into one of the largest local operators in Finland.

During five years of collaboration in development, the Company extended its service portfolio and expanded into a nation-wide operator. In late 2016, the Company employed approximately 450 experts on structure engineering, building systems, construction and acoustics in fifteen different locations, and achieved a turnover of over 40 M€.

Former Situation: 

The Company had successfully carried out the business plan established in 2011. Helmet Capital, other investors and key owners decided that it was the right time to liquidate the return on investment and to sell the Company’s majority stake to the next entity.

The Process: 

While surveying potential buyers and investors, we identified a strong candidate to support the further growth of Wise Group Finland in Intera Partners. We especially believed that Intera’s strong experience and knowledge of the fields of building construction and renovation would support Wise Group Finland’s key owners in implementing their plan on further growth.

We presented Wise Group Finland to Intera and our views on its development possibilities, after which we began collaboration with Intera to implement a transaction. We acted as Intera’s advisor, responsible for various areas of the arrangement.

The Situation Today: 

The common goal for Wise Group Finland, Intera and the key owners is to further extend the Company’s building construction business, to expand to infrastructure and cities technologies and to internationalize the Company within the coming years.

In the beginning of 2017, Wise Group Finland successfully implemented the expansion to infrastructure and cities technologies by merging with Sito Oy.