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IMAP Sector Report - Oil and Gas
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IMAP Sector Report - Medical Devices
IMAP Article: Dealmakers Unite

An excellent article on dealmaking by Thomas Morgenstern, originally published by our IMAP partner Falls River Group.

Global Pharma & Biotech report 2015

The year 2014 witnessed an intense phase of M&A in the Pharma industry.

Global Automotive report 2013

For automotive suppliers these are immensely challenging times as the world's auto giants scramble for market share in literally every corner of the globe.

Global Pharma & Biotech report 2013

In 2012, we observed approx 450 transactions involving targets in the sector, i.e., pharma & biotech companies, diagnostic product providers and service providers to the industry.

Medical Equipment & Supplies report 2013

Over the next few years we expect a lot of deal avtivity in fields such as early diagnosis, patient homecare devices, and technologies that provide early detection.

Oilfield Equipment & Services report 2013

These are exciting times in the global oil and gas market, which driven by technological breakthroughs and strong demands, continues to show solid growth despite the global...

Global consumer report 2012

Broadly, within the branded sector, local brands appeal to the lower income mass market, while international brands appeal to the higher income levels.

Pharmaceuticals and biotech industry report 2012

There is consensus that future growth in the Pharma Industry will mainly come from emerging markets, most notably China; by introducing health insurance to 90 percent...

IMAP Transaction & Pricing survey 2011

2011 transaction volume indicates more companies chose IMAP as an M&A advisor. IMAP was ranked number 3 globally by Thomson Reuters League Tables in 2011

Retail industry global report 2010

Going forward, large grocers and mass merchants will start looking to invest in emerging markets, especially in the BRIC region, where valuations are low

Food & beverage global report 2010

The global food and beverage (F&B) sector, which comprises farming, food production, distribution, retail and catering, was valued at $5.7 trillion USD in 2008.

Computing & internet software global report 2010

The software sector, which contributed around 25 percent to IT spending in 2009 and mainly consists of the enterprise application market and application development market...

Automotive & compontent global report 2010

With the US reeling under the economic slowdown, there has been a shift in dominance to Asia-Pacific, which is fast emerging as the next automobile production hub, with a market share of...

Alternative energy global report 2010

In the last 12 months (LTM), M&A activity in the alternative energy sector has risen. Towards the end of 2009, activity started to recover...

IMAP Transaction & Pricing survey 2010

2010 transaction volume indicates economic recovery for M&A. Total transaction value increased 79 percent in 2010.

IMAP Transaction & Pricing survey 2009

2009 M&A transaction volume and values declined, reflefcting a down economy, but are rebounding. 30 % of IMAP projects crossed borders in 2009.

IMAP Transaction & Pricing survey 2008

This report presents the survey results and transaction data collected from IMAP's global network of M&A partners for projects completed in 2008.